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Doberman Pinscher puppies for sale


Doberman Litter Update:(March 20th, 2020)

Nimi had her first litter on January 22nd and get their ears done March 26th. It was a small litter and they will be available sometime around the end of April. Apache had her litter on February 28th. Apache also had a small litter. The ears for that litter will be done near the end of April and be available to go to new homes around the end of May. We are now taking reservations for these litters. Check out  our Contact Us page.


Apache 1Apache 2Apache 3Apache 4

Apache is a female we kept from the last of Madeline's litters with Otto. Apache is a beautiful red female with a very playful manner to her, just like Mingo and Shashoney, her sisters. Apache delivered her first litter on December 11th, 2017.


Ralphie 01Ralphie 02
Ralphie is an outside male we used for this breeding. If you would like to meet Ralphie, let us know and it can be arranged. We are excited to be breeding to Ralphie. He brings us back to bloodlines we bred into 20 years ago. Ralphie is a great dog with a great personality. He is also a good sized male.

NIMI's litter:

Nimi had her first litter on January 22nd, 2020 and the ears are due to be done on March 26th. These puppies should be available to go to new homes sometime around the end of April or beginning of May. These pictures were taken on March 18th, before the ears will be done. There were 2 puppies in the litter, a black male and a red female.

Black Male

This boy is quite the lover and very sweet. He will be a great addition to any family.

Red Female

This girl is a great pup that we may keep. Check with us to see if we are going to keep her.


APACHE'S litter:

Apache had her litter on February 29th, 2020(Leap Puppy!) She had a small litter of one puppy, a black female. she will get her ears done near the end of April, and able to go to her new home near the end of May.

Black Female

OK, she is only 3 weeks old, so, don't expect a whole lot from her pictures! She is fiesty and as she is one of our pups, she will be a great pup.

Puppies with ears done are $2200.00 each. We keep the puppies until all the taping of the ears is done and the ears stand. Puppies will have had at least their second puppy shot as well as continued worming and still coming into the store daily for socialization. When you get the puppy, you don't need to care for the ears, numerous trips to the vet, and worrying if the ears will stand or not. We have been taping ears for many years and have a very high success rate. We also guarantee that the ears will stand. Puppies generally need 4 to 6 weeks to get the ears all healed and standing. If you have any other questions or don't understand what is said here, please use our Contact Us page. We have been raising dobermans for almost 20 years and can answer many questions, and there are no stupid questions.

Wind Ridge Ranch has been breeding Doberman Pinschers since the late 1990's, and have many repeat customers for our puppies. references are available upon request. All puppies are sold with a contract outlining our responsibilities(such as our five year health guarantee) as well as the prospective new owners responsibilities(such as obedience training). The puppies will have had at least their first puppy shot. Shots are given on a regular schedule, so depending on the age of the puppy you get, they will have gotten whatever shots they were due up until that point until they have had all their puppy shots. The puppies will have also been wormed numerous times. We get a long cut on the ears, but not a show cut(slightly longer than long cut). All new homes will need to be approved and a new Puppy application form will need to be filled out.

We are very proud of the puppies we produce at Wind Ridge Ranch. All our puppies have been handled daily since they were born, including turning them upside down, which helps when they go into obedience training. Our puppies have been brought into our family-owned Western Store since they were about 3 weeks old. What that means is that our puppies are extremely well socialized, used to crates, and used to travelling in a car. We raise our puppies to be the best family companions you can have, but I have no doubt any of our dogs would excel in any training they are put through. A local trainer loves when one of our puppies is in one of her obedience classes because the trainer knows that puppy is going to do well in the class, as well as being an excellent example dog for the class as to the proper way to do things. We have references if you would like them. A puppy application will need to be filled out before all prospective owners can proceed. My contact information is on the Contact Us page.

All our dogs come to our store daily and are socialized.