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About Us

We have been raising puppies for numerous years. We hand raise the puppies at home, and once they open their eyes, are standing and walking on their own and eating, we bring them into our family owned western store daily. Our puppies are very well socialized. Putting them in a retail environment, the puppies get socialized by our customers and their children, talking, handling, and playing with them. We take them home each night, so the puppies are used to traveling in cars(no car sickness), and being picked up. We also handle the puppies so much, that they do very well in obedience classes, a prerequisite to receiving the puppies papers. The Aussies are registered with the NSDR, and the Dobes are registered with the AKC. All prospective puppy owners sign a contract with us laying out our responsibilities and the new puppy's owners responsibilities, including obedience classes, our 5 year health guarantee, and any spay/neuter specifications, along with any other issues, including right of first refusal. We do this for your protection, our protection, and especially the puppy's protection. The puppy always comes first! All new homes/owners must be pre-approved.

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