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Welcome to our Doberman Pinscher main page.

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Doberman Litter Update:(September 17th, 2020)

NimiPoo had her litter on July 29th, 2020 and they get their ears done on September 25th, which means they will be able to go to new homes somewhere around the end of October. She had a big red male(SOLD), a black male, and two black females(One is SOLD, the other is AVAILABLE). Once again, Ralphie is the father of this litter. Check out  our Doberman Pups for sale page for more information about how we raise our Dobermans. We are now taking reservations for her pups. I suggest our Contact Us page in order to get on the list.


Where do you want to go today? We can show you our Dobe males, our Dobe females, or we can take you to our Puppies for sale page. Make your selection below or to the links to the left.

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Or do you have maybe some questions about Doberman Pinschers you might want to ask? Well, I might be able to answer your questions. Check this out: Doberman Pinscher Information