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Australian Shepherd puppies for sale

Aussie Update:(March 20th, 2020)

Cheyenne had a small litter of one black tri female on February 14th. This pup will be available to go to her new home on April 10th. Check her out on my Aussie Pups for sale



Cheyenne is a litter mate to Ginger. She is a small miniature Blue Merle aussie. Cheyenne had her first litter on July 11th, 2016. She has been an excellent mother. Cheyenne is 13 1/2 inches tall.


Yahze (Little Man on Campus)

Yahze 01Yahze 02Yahze 03

Yahze (a Navajo word for "Little Man") is our main current Stud in residence. He is a small Black Tri miniature aussie. Yahze is too cute for his own good and he knows it! Yahze has been siring litters for us for a couple of years now. Yahze is 14 1/2 inches tall.

2020 Cheyenne Litter:
Cheyenne had her litter on February 14th, 2020. It was a litter of one black tri female and she will be available to go to her new home on or after April 10th, 2020. All our puppies have great personalities and are well socialized. All our puppies have been handled a lot and are used to travelling in vehicles. All our pups have at least their first shot and been wormed with SAFEGUARD dog wormer before they leave our care. We go out of our way to produce great family companions. Please click on any individual picture to see an enlarged image. If you are interested in this puppy, please check out our
Contact Us  page.

BTF1 $500.00 This is a great aussie pup. She has a very unique looking color pattern on her head. She has kind of a wavy looking blaze on her head. She has a great personality.

Wind Ridge Ranch
Like always with our puppies, we are very proud of the puppies we produce at Wind Ridge Ranch. We have been breeding Australian Shepherds since the early 1990's, and have many repeat customers for our puppies. All our puppies have been handled daily since they were born, including turning them upside down, which helps when they go into obedience training. Our puppies are brought into our family-owned Western Store since they were about 3 weeks old. What that means is that our puppies are extremely well socialized, used to crates, and used to travelling in a car. We raise our puppies to be the best family companions you can have, but I have no doubt any of our dogs would excel in any training they are put through. A local trainer loves when one of our puppies is in one of her obedience classes because the trainer knows that puppy is going to do well in the class, as well as being an excellent example dog for the class as to the proper way to do things. We have references if you would like them. A puppy application will need to be filled out before all prospective owners can proceed.
I strongly urge prospective new owners to contact me as soon as possible to get on my waiting list, especially if you are looking for a blue merle. That is the most popular color of Australian Shepherd and typically the first puppies to go are the blue merles. A general litter consists of 6 to 8 puppies with any combination of blue merle, red merle, black tri, or red tri in males or females. Because of them being Australian Shepherds, and the nature of aussie genetics, we won't know what we have until they are on the ground. My contact information is on the Contact Us page.